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Unilever named best supply chain in Europe

27th Sep 2013
Unilever named best supply chain in Europe

Unilever has been named again as the best supply chain in Europe in the latest Gartner ranking.

In the Supply Chain Top 25 Europe the food and personal care company maintained its number one position from 2012 after “demonstrating supply chain excellence and leadership year over year”, according to Gartner.

Spanish fashion retail group Inditex claimed second place and was praised for demonstrating “continuous growth and leadership, in an often fickle fashion environment, through its ability to manipulate the finer details of its end-to-end supply chain”.

Swedish clothing retailer H&M took third place. “It is highly proficient at managing its product life cycles and can refresh its fashion ranges many times within retail seasons,” said Gartner.

Gartner uses a combination of financial data and opinion to create its ranking.

Research director Christian Titze said: "Top European supply chains span the automotive, chemical, consumer products, life science and retail sectors and are headquartered in a variety of European countries, including France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

“Supply chain executives can use Gartner's analysis of these leaders to develop and implement more integrated, collaborative and demand-driven supply chain strategies.

"Top European-headquartered supply chains bring a wide range of best practices to the supply chain community, ranging from advanced collaboration practices with upstream and downstream partners, to innovations in demand sensing and shaping capabilities, to integrated business planning that brings sales and operations planning to the next level.”

Supply chain top 25 Europe:

1. Unilever

2. Inditex

3. H&M

4. Nestlé


6. BMW

7. Volkswagen

8. Astra Zeneca

9. Danone

10. L’Oréal

To read more: http://www.supplymanagement.com

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